Song of the Day: Ledger - Into My Arms

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In case y’all didn’t know, Jennifer Carole Ledger is the English  girl drumming for longtime band Skillet who became a US citizen in 2021. She has a very distinct voice & released an EP a few yeas back. I have always thought this is her best song as it showcases her vocal range & has some very encouraging lyrics as seen below.

When did the scars over your heart
Become your hiding place
When did the stars become so dark
You couldn’t find your way

The light inside your eyes
Is fading out
But I’m not gonna
Give up on ya now

Don’t be afraid
I know you think
You’re on your own
But you’ll be okay
You don’t have to
Go through it alone
Fall into My arms
Fall into My arms

So let me see the hurt underneath
I’m not a stranger to pain
‘Cause I believe in what you can be
I’ll never turn away

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