The Social Threat - Even Honest Talk is Cheap (Ep Stream)

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[Update: Pre-order this ep here on iTunes] Indie Vision Music Presents: Ep stream from Canada’s own The Social Threat. The ep is titled “Even Honest Talk is Cheap” and features some of the most riveting and catchy melodic punk songs you’ve heard since Dogwood went away. This ep is sure to please fans of Good Riddance, Dogwood, The Flatliners, False Idle, No Trigger, Much the Same, Craig’s Brother, and Man Alive. If you enjoy quick paced melodic punk songs with brash attitude and diy spirit, you’re going to love this new ep. It blows their previous full length out of the water and serves up a much more cohesive sound. Enjoy!

PRE-ORDER “Even Honest Talk is Cheap” Ep Right Here on iTunes Release Date: March 11th

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The Social Threat has been hard at work, carving out a niche for themselves and gaining momentum. No strangers to the Canadian independent music scene, band members Wade Hodgman, Kaleb Motz, and Kyle Hodgman spent previous years in other bands. In October of 2009 common interest and musical synergy combined, and The Social Threat was formed; a band that has been focused and purpose driven, seeking to address the social issues of today with their definitive punk rock attitude.

The Social Threat continue to push themselves. Resulting in the independent release of their first full length, Protest Songs, which debuted in June 2011. With this release they found their unique punk rock edge and have been reaping the rewards ever since. With Protest Songs out the band hit the road, expanding their fan base and building their repertoire opening for heavy hitters Living With Lions and The Mahones. Protest Songs has also been generating some hype internationally with positive reviews from California’s Indie Vision Music and a spot on their Punk Never Dies Vol. 1 compilation with bands like Mxpx, Flatfoot 56 and Craig’s Brother. Being dubbed “…one of the hardest working bands in Alberta” by Calgary promoter Micheal Gray of Rebirth Events.

Now, The Social Threat are releasing their third record, Even Honest Talk is Cheap. With more time under their belts, and more fuel on the fire, Even Honest Talk is Cheap is a collection of songs focused on getting back to punk’s DIY roots, rolling up your sleeves, and not taking no for an answer.

While The Social Threat’s musical influences come from various genres, their sound is specifically punk rock. Bands like MxPx, Slick Shoes, and Dogwood permeated their early years, while bands like Strike Anywhere, Good Riddance, and The Flatliners have recently been shaping and challenging their sound.

However, The Social Threat is more influenced by the world around them and their personal beliefs than by the music they listen to. Addressing important issues like political corruption, world hunger, and media manipulation with a heart for change, they approach these issues from a redemptive angle, focusing on hope, restoration and peace. These themes define everything they do as band, as they are always looking for a way to be a positive source of encouragement both on the road and at home. They have raised money for Haiti relief and helped fund a project in Costa Rica to provide housing and medicine to poverty stricken families. The members of The Social Threat sponsor children through Compassion and have done benefit shows to collect food for their local food bank and raise money and awareness for International Justice Mission.

What is most important to The Social Threat is people; the ones they know, the ones they don’t, the ones they meet at shows, the ones that don’t care, and most importantly ones whose lives they can hopefully change through their message and their music.