Album Review :
Nailpoint - Falling to Pieces

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Artist: Nailpoint
Album: Falling To Pieces
Label: Mad Monkey Records
Release Date: Out Now
Reviewer: Josh THO

I heard about Nailpoint years ago and to be completely honest, I had written them off. I figured they were just one of the many really bad local bands that seem to plague my neck of the woods and hadn’t really given them a second thought. I received their latest record “Falling to Pieces” in the mail and I rolled my eyes, preparing myself for the expected and cliché sonic mashing to come. But instead of the usual poorly recorded mush I hear so often, out of my speakers poured chunky guitars and smooth vocals. The sound is reminiscent of acts like Decyferdown, Jonah 33, and Pillar with active guitars and 3 minute predictability. There is nothing really groundbreaking about the album, it follows a pretty safe path, from the first and title track Falling to Pieces to the rock ballad Angels over You and the radio friendly Not Invisible there isn’t anything I haven’t heard before, but there definitely wasn’t anything I wouldn’t want to hear again. Sometimes it’s nice to have an album without surprises or that track you always have to skip because it kills the album’s momentum. It has some decent head-bobbin’, sternum-shakin’ songs on it and it left me wanting more at the album’s end. I think “Falling to Pieces” hints a lot of Nailpoint’s potential as a band, is a better-than-average first effort, and well deserves a listen.

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