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Curbsquirrels - We Wish We Knew How To Quit This

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Artist: Curbsquirrels

Album: We Wish We Knew How To Quit This

Reviewer: Tyler Hess

A few years ago, there were two relatively unknown bands that came together to produce a split CD called “Composition” on the now defunct “DUG Records” Label. One of them, Last Tuesday, went on to sign with Mono Vs Stereo and record two great albums before calling it quits in early 2007, while the other faded into relative obscurity. That other band was the Curbsquirrels, whom I tried on various occasions to track down over the past couple of years, to no avail. So, it was quite a surprise when it was announced just a few weeks ago that the Curbsquirrels were making a comeback of sorts, but this time with a full length of their own!

Their previous work, 5 songs on that split CD, was a bit catchy, but quite a bit immature lyrically and musically (even for the pop punk that it is), so it is with great joy that I hear a few years later a much more matured sound, even on the song that they re-did, “six”, which was made with a new twist. Musically, this will quickly remind older pop punk fans of bands like The Undecided and Hangnail more than the skate punk bands like MxPx and Slick Shoes and certainly not like what pop punk has become today. This is truly a throw back to the old days when Tooth & Nail bands were all pop punk and Bettie Rocket Records was still kickin’ on the scene. That may not be for everybody, but it should surprise few regular readers of this site that it is exactly what the doctor ordered for me. This is still very much an indie recording, not overly produced, but for any fans of the genre this is a worthy album to enjoy.

Topics on the album are quite expansive in some ways, dealing with personal struggles, hope, social issues, yet all have a similar feel to them and a consistent perspective. There is never a doubt where they stand in their faith and the album has a constant message of seeing how things can get better even in the face of struggles.

Highlight Song: April 15th

Score: 8.5/10

Track List:

Mysteries Inc.

Sun vs Moon

Rain to Snow

Something Just Doesn’t Clique





The Curved Glass

To Whom It May Concern

Someone You Know

April 15th

Spare My Life