Song of the Day: Undercover - The Eyes of Love

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I suppose that the first time you hear a band forever affects the way you think or feel about them. Although Undercover already had a long history behind them when I first heard them in 1990, I was completely unaware of it. I didn’t know the huge impact they’d made in the Christian alternative and punk scene in SoCal through Calvary Chapel, Ministry Resource Center, etc. through groundbreaking albums like God Rules and Branded. They had already morphed from a bubblegum-punk/new wave sound to darker, post-punk tones across the span of 4 albums. But when Balance of Power dropped, it was a completely different game altogether. Chris Gatto from Heaven’s Metal recently called this album the “heaviest metal album from a non-metal band ever.” They were now treading similar territory to bands like The Cult, and transitional-period Mad at the World (who went through a similar evolution). Balance of Power is dark, heavy, and brooding, yet full of hope despite a clear dissatisfaction with the way things are in the world.

A million questions burning
From the flame that melted you
Begging for the answers
Continue looking through the eyes of love

Check out the lead single here:

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