Song of the Day: Fluffy - Amboy Bound

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Fluffy’s debut, Fluffy Luvs You, was a fun punk rock record, even if it was a little predictable. Featuring 3 chord thrash goodness, and nonsensical lyrics, it stood out in the Christian punk scene for its lack of preaching. So fans and critics alike were a little puzzled when the band dropped their sophomore effort, Go, Fluffy, Go! In place of the fast, simple riffs, were long, slow songs that juxtaposed indie rock, sludge metal, and noise rock–something that wouldn’t be seen in CCM by another artist for another 5 years (yes, I’m thinking of Warlord’s EP, from 1997).

Whereas the riffs and tempos were all new, the silly and/or nonsensical lyrics remained. But what was so weird about it was the use of those dark, heavy riffs. It’s one of the heaviest albums by a non-metal artist ever (the other contender is Undercover’s excellent Balance of Power LP). And hearing them scream such silliness like, “My baby left meeeeee–she took the TV!” just adds to the weirdness of the album.

Never interested in preaching, the band seemed content just to rock out. While I appreciate bands who express their faith through music, I also appreciate good song craft. And this album is one I continually return to nearly 30 years later, just for its uniqueness.

Fortunately for fans, Lost in Ohio Records re-issued the album on vinyl last year, but in very limited quantities.

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