Phinehas Drummer Exits the Band

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Phinehas, Christian metalcore band from California, has had a successful couple years. Last year they already released a Acoustic EP, titled Fight Through the Night. This year might be a bit rough on the band, though as Drummer Lee Humerian has announced his departure from the band. Humerian, alongside Vocalist Sean McCulloch, have been the main members of the band since 2007. Over the years, they gained Bassist Bryce Kelly (2012) and Becoming the Archetype Guitarist Daniel Gailey (2014), and this became the lineup most knew for the last 3 years. Lee has been apart of all the band’s releases and will be apart of this years new release. It’s gonna be interesting to see who the band will get to take over for Humerian. Humerian will be playing his last show with the band on January 21.

The interesting thing is, they’ve already booked a tour with Erra and Auras. I’m sure we’ll see who the new drummer is by March.

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Hmm. This is just a shot in the dark, but the replacement could be David Puckett. With For Today split, he’s probably looking for another project, and the guys in Phinehas and For Today are/were friends if I recall correctly.

thegodmachine was a phenomenal debut, but The Last Word Is Yours To Speak lost me. Felt like too much of the same. I just found out they had a third LP, only a few songs in but I’m enjoying it immensely so far. A shame about the drummer leaving. Hopefully it still brings about great things for all parties involved.


That sucks. I’m guessing he’s on to bigger and better things. Hopefully the band gets a great drummer!

Smacky X

Have only gotten into this band in the past couple years…and then went back and fell in love with all their old stuff too. Wishing Lee all the best!