New Music: January 12, 2018

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Noah H.

Looks like Blank Books’ EP1 is on Spotify too now.


I dont do ihop stuff anymore.


Downvote different opinions. Mature guys.

Maybe you could name an artist or album in particular?


Stems more from an ideological standpoint. They are a dangerous fringe/borderline cult group that majors on end times, prophecies, living apostles and prophets, and emotionalism and mysticism. They’ve been embroiled in controversy after controversy. They get by because theres a revolving door of people getting hooked by the worship and stay a few years until they see the system for what it is.

If youre into their music, exercise discernment and always test all things by Scripture.

I don’t listen to them anyways.

That’s good advice for any activity, though. :)