New Eager Seas Music Video, New Album On The Way

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A new Eager Seas music video/song has been posted over on the band’s website right here. The band is putting the finishing touches on their new full length right now. Thoughts?

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13 Comments on "New Eager Seas Music Video, New Album On The Way"

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Seems im the only noob when it comes to this band ? infectious feel good tune!

Steve young

So they went from watashi wa to eager seas to lakes and now back to lakes again. This is hard to keep up with

So … Watashi Wa became Eager Seas and then Eager Seas became Watashi Wa and now Watashi Wa became Eager Seas? No complaints from me, as I always enjoy Seth’s singing :)

Steve young

You forgot they became Lakes

That makes this even better.



Tim M

Was just thinking this morning about this band.

I love “Hold On” but I was really hoping it was a new song.