Names Without Numbers Join Indie Vision Music

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News that has been a long time coming and something I am over the moon excited about. The Omaha, Nebraska based indie/emo band Names Without Numbers, have indeed signed with Indie Vision Music. I will be working with the band to promote their new upcoming music including a special single that goes live on May 21st. I have a special connection to this band and followed them for several years during the last decade until they broke up. I actually put the band on a compilation I produced called “I’m Your Biggest Fan Vol. 2” back in 2002 on Tooth & Nail Records. I loved their music and their song “Waking From The Coma” is perfect early 00’s independent rock n’ roll with that perfect balance of post-hardcore and emo ambiance. These guys came to an end during the mid part of last decade but reunited a year ago and have been playing shows again plus recording NEW music. Watch the video below and get a piece of the story in a fun behind the scenes look from Dave. Their new music rules and you’re all going to love it. It’s a departure from the pop-punk you think we may be defined by but in actuality IVM seeks to expose listeners to a broad spectrum of music styles. Welcome NWN to the family and prepare to be thrilled with independent music that doesn’t suck. Stay tuned to their page and ours for a new video each week leading up to the release of the song(s).

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Phil metalhed
April 24, 2018 7:45 pm

Wow, this is rad!! I always asumed they wud sign 2 a biga label wen they came bak, cuz they def hav that potential 2 b a ful time tourin band, but congrats brandog!! Wil the new album b on vinyl?

Phil metalhed
April 24, 2018 11:43 pm
Reply to  Brandon J.

Sign me up 4 a pre- orda, lol. I hope the indygogo campaign wil include a vinyl presin.

Noah Hardwick
April 28, 2018 5:37 pm
Reply to  Brandon J.

Have you thought about trying crowdfunding to raise enough money for a vinyl run? I know that’s got to be expensive to press a bunch of vinyl and then hope it sells.

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