Indie Flashback: Blood and Water

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A little known independent band by the name of Blood and Water from Nor Cal splashed onto the scene towards the end of the last decade with a few indie releases (one of which can be found here) before signing with upstart new label Eden Records and releasing their label debut “In Character” in 2010. This critically acclaimed and fan adored full length has come to be accepted as one of the finer independent releases of the past decade. It’s incredible how much connects people and this band did just that. Although they didn’t tour much outside of California or top billboard charts, their music certainly won over fans like me and the impact has been felt. With captivating energy, uncompromising passion, and all around good vibes, you can’t help but be mesmerized by the music of Blood and Water. They had this certain likeable quality and a sound not easily replicated. In fact, their genre bending pull on alternative rock music was one of a kind. This music was certainly “commercial” enough to be accepted by the masses but like all good stories this one came to an abrupt halt after just this album (and song ‘Traffic’). While some people embrace the music of Talkie (featuring members of Blood and Water), I’ll forever be connected to this band and pray for a time that these guys will reunite to bless us all with an undeniable good time. Check out some of their music below and reminisce about the time you first discovered this band.

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Hey guys. I’m the original drummer from the band. I gotta say, it’s super humbling to know that people still care about our music. Seriously, thanks so much.


Great name John19!


How many albums did they have?


They had a few independently released albums, but those are harder to find, one full album with a record label “In Character,” a single “Traffic” from “Punk Never Dies” and a cover of Jingle Bells on a Slospeak records Christmas song compilation album.


Nevermind, I just realized Brandon linked the full album of “Self-titled” in the article, which covers most of those harder to find songs, from 2008.


I’ve been trying to find a physical copy of In Character for a couple years. Wish I jumped on it when it was in their store.


I think you can still maybe buy it on their bigcartel site, which I found through their old facebook page for like $8. It lists it with the shirts and stickers, but says it isn’t sold out yet?

John B.


Man, Blood and Water was such a good band! It would be awesome if they reunited. “In Character” can be found here for free: