Anberlin Announce US Tour

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A big fan favorite, Anberlin have announced a US Tour! Aside from a show in FL late last year, the guys haven’t toured in the US since 2014. Who’s excited about this??

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Does anyone have presale codes yet?

Phil metalhed

OK den, wats the dates+ loc?

It’s in the comments (Facebook embed). I’ll try to update Rob’s post with the poster

Phil metalhed

I think wev establishd dat not evrybody on here uses crazy left wing “fbook”, lol.

Phil metalhed

Found em on ther site:

Plesently surprised thers an sd date. I rem the “farewel” show ther, like it was yesatday. Crazy dats its been almost 5 years.

I would like it to use it too but I need it for IVM promo, know what I mean?


I hear ya Phil—I can’t stand to be on Facebook. Nevertheless, it is a convenient way to communicate over large groups of people, such as sending reminders to my YA group at church, who use facebook more than email.