UGLYTWIN - The Quarrel

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Check out this exclusive lyric video from the new Texas based band, UGLYTWIN, for their song “The Quarrel”. The song will be part of a split EP with another local (Austin TX) band called DSGNS called “VS”. Each band contributed one original song and one cover. We chose “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” by Smashing Pumpkins as our cover song. This video is the first taste of what they have been doing since they changed their band over to UGLYTWIN from The Brigade(TX) over a year ago. The EP will be available for download and sold physically at our shows starting March 8th, 2013.

The song came out of how we always “need” God when we are suffering. When are down to the last drop, we always cry out to be delivered. However, when things are rosey, we forget so quickly, and rely on ourselves instead. The truth is that feast or fallow, we cannot do this on our own.


The Quarrel

The great deception
The vicious comedy
The hollow romance

Give us names to graves, so that we might change and see our desperate cries for what they truly are

(all the empty mouths)

For our pain we seek to find meaning

Reach through the skies and find us a wanting lover

But we are satisfied

Begging to know You more, but we dont need You

Begging to know You more, but we dont want You

Choose to see the truth only when we are in the throes

Prone to suffer

Prone to wander

Even in our comfort The Son seeks out His Bride

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