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Happy July 4th and 17 Years Of IVM!

17 years ago I launched this website, mostly to crickets and little notice. I still remember launch year with the ad sponsorships, a few show sponsorships around Orange County/So Cal, and the online store that this website was based on. Yeah, in year 2000 IVM was just an online independent Christian Music Webstore with a focus on indie releases from a collection of artists/record labels across the globe.… Continued →

June 29, 2017

May 23, 2017

May 18, 2017

CD Auctions on Ebay to Benefit Indie Vision Music

I have added a bunch of band tshirts, new band specific lots from artists like Dogwood, Forever Changed, Dashboard Confessional, Juliana Theory, Further Seems Forever, and so many more being added each day. There are quite a few “classics” to be found including sealed copies of Sagoh 24/7 first two (and only) releases (band featured members that went on to form Anberlin).… Continued →

April 22, 2017

Brandon CD Collection For Sale

I am seriously considering selling off my CD collection. I am interested in selling in bulk and not by individual one by one CDs. Groups of 25 CDs or more would be preferable. I have a lot more indie titles and other CDs that didn’t scan in through my app I use.… Continued →

April 3, 2017

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October 16, 2016

October Releases?

With October quickly coming to an end, my question for all of you is what album from this month has made the biggest impact? What release have you been spinning the most? Favorite CD, Vinyl, Tape, Digital album of October 2016?… Continued →

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