Furnace Fest Returns For Huge Event in 2020

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It appears that the much loved FURNACE FEST is BACK! After over a decade away, the festival will return with a huge lineup in September of 2020. This was an enormous festival back in the day that featured some of the most loved and adored bands. Imagine that dream lineup of your favorite bands from the late 90’s and early 00’s and that sums up this fest back in the day. The fest was originally started in part by Chad Johnson of Slacker 66 and Takehold Records (and later T&N). I’m not sure who is in charge of this new version but I’m sure it’ll be the same great tunes. Check out the official website right here and follow them on Facebook/Instagram. Let the speculation begin.

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I’m thinking some bands will get pulled out of retirement

Phil metalhed

Nice. Cant wait 4 da details.