Pennylane 20th Anniversary of "From Paradise To Parking Lots"

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In 2004, I released the greatest EP that very little people got a chance to hear. MySpace didn’t have a big enough reach and I was a nobody from Orange County with Indie Vision Music, trying to play with the big boys. This band – Pennylane, deserved worldwide acclaim and their live shows plus studio performances were a testament to that endearing appeal of music and message. These Hawaii gents that uprooted their lives to move to Portland, Oregon and chase their dreams was the very reason the record was titled “From Paradise to Parking Lots”. I’ve been lucky and fortunate to have worked with some very talented people over the years and Pennylane certainly were no exception. Those early IVM label years were but a brief flash in my mind but I learned a lot and failed even greater. It’s all good times to me even with dumpster fire failures 😉 I still remember a friend bringing the demo of Pennylane up to me at one of my Chain Reaction shows and sharing their music, I’m forever grateful. So, happy 20th anniversary to this release and please follow the band to see what they have cooking They will put the EP back up very soon! Check out the music video for “Riverside Waiting”, their epic 6min+ Emo Rock Anthem, below this message if you’ve never seen it before. I believe that’s the only music video IVM had the pleasure of sharing from the 2003-2004 label days. Check it out! (Also, follow this playlist on Spotify for all the Greatest Hits You’ve Never Heard from the IVM label days).

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