Tag: For All We Know

February 9, 2020

Song of the Day: Further Seems Forever - For All We Know

This wasn’t the typical Further Seems Forever song of unbridled aggression, melodies intertwined into some sort of cosmic explosion of pure joy and instant approval by even your most jaded friend. This song was somewhat of a departure although still incorporating that classic “emo” sound they’d been pegged with for years. Something about this song evokes passion and unrelenting “worship”. Maybe it was intentional or possibly an unintentional after thought but this song leads one into contemplation and self-analyzing, directing you into a heaven’s gaze. Jon Bunch despite any shortcomings he may have had in the eyes of vicious teens and young adults who had blood thirsty claws out for the throat of this “new” vocalist, captured the attention of generations of different music fans despite genre.… Continued →