Song of the Day: Further Seems Forever - For All We Know

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This wasn’t the typical Further Seems Forever song of unbridled aggression, melodies intertwined into some sort of cosmic explosion of pure joy and instant approval by even your most jaded friend. This song was somewhat of a departure although still incorporating that classic “emo” sound they’d been pegged with for years. Something about this song evokes passion and unrelenting “worship”. Maybe it was intentional or possibly an unintentional after thought but this song leads one into contemplation and self-analyzing, directing you into a heaven’s gaze. Jon Bunch despite any shortcomings he may have had in the eyes of vicious teens and young adults who had blood thirsty claws out for the throat of this “new” vocalist, captured the attention of generations of different music fans despite genre. In his voice, lyrics, and songwriting, you had this broken, adult man who was clearly searching for answers. Jon Bunch was reconciling his doubts through uncompromising energy and hope in his heart. From nearly 2 decades in the music scene fronting bands like Reason to Believe and Sense Field to Further Seems Forever and all the various contributions he lent his voice to over the years. Jon Bunch clearly gave it his all with each and every recording and as much as he could from a live setting. I was a fan in the past with Sense Field and naturally when he joined FSF, I was stoked. “Hide Nothing” is one of those special albums that is criminally underrated, sometimes panned by fair-weather fans of a band, and left forgotten in the dust bins of all those chain stores, closing their doors over the years. “For All We Know” is a short track, just under 3 minutes, but in that length of time the melodies and haunting vocals really leave me breathless with my hands held high and a tear firmly planted on the cheek. The pain felt, the hope conveyed, and the promise of a God that’ll never leave us or forsake us despite our pain and brokenness, is truth in and of itself. The power and substance of a simple song is so profound that words clearly can’t do enough justice. I just have to say I am sorry to Jon for any pain he may have experienced in his short time on earth. For the dirty looks, finger pointing, back stabbing, and jeers from behind. You just never know the kind of immeasurable pain an artist may be going through and that time period must have been brutal. I remember reading all that crap online about Jon and Further Seems Forever during Cornerstone Fest, as well as some of their tour dates. It was tragic and unwarranted. Coming from experience, mental health issues aren’t something to laugh at or poke fun at. I have no clue about Jon Bunch’s mental situation because I wasn’t personally acquainted but if there was some kind of issue, things like the above mentioned taunting would have just added more to the layers of pain already running deep. This post is for you Jon and this post is for Further Seems Forever, may their music endure forever. For All We Know….

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Michael H
Michael H
February 15, 2020 1:13 am

Great album. This was and still is my favorite FSF album and Bunch’s voice was amazing. I was so bummed to hear that he died. I was praying for a reunion album with him.
Criminally underrated is actually true here.

February 10, 2020 8:10 pm

Great pick and appreciate this writeup and respect for Bunch. My favorite Further vocalist and Further album by far. I finished my…more than two semester senior year of college a few months after Hide Nothing was released, and I was so stoked that not only were the lyrics no longer focused on ooey gooey infatuation-stage romantics, but that the vocalist sang like a grown man. I’ve probably had the opposite experience of many Further fans in that I’ve had to learn to love THE FIRST TWO albums over the years, but Hide Nothing resonated with me immediately. After Jon’s death,… Read more »

February 9, 2020 7:03 pm

I agree. Wonderful song and album. Light up ahead is one of my favorites from that album.

Brock Stringer
Brock Stringer
February 9, 2020 5:18 pm

amazing song and album. I’d say dad’s best album, despite being skeptical of the vocal change at that time in my life.

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