Album Review :
Wavorly - The Wavorly EP

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Band: Wavorly
Title: Wavorly The EP
Release Date: 11/11/11
Reviewer: Sara Walz


  1. Caught in the Middle
  2. Part That Won’t Let Go
  3. One More Try
  4. Carry You
  5. One More Try (Piano Version)

It has been a long wait for Wavorly fans, the question is, was the wait worth it? Wavorly last released, “Conquering the Fear of Flight” back in 2007 on Flicker Records and featured gems like, “Madmen”, “Stay With Me,” and “Praise and Adore (Some Live without It)”. After the release, Flicker folded and Wavorly was left to carry on without label backing. They rounded up producers Rob Graves and Jason Rauch and 4 years later released Wavorly the EP on 11/11/11. Faithful fans wondered if the new EP would live up to the previous full-length album. It is safe to say that the boys of Wavorly lived up to expectations.


The entire album feels like a cry from a longing heart, a passionate response to life, love and redemption. They continue their signature sound by adding strings on the occasional track, a strong presence of piano and drums, and the ever-wonderful tight harmonies. For me, the stand out track on the album is “One More Try.” The full instrumental version is full and rich and I have caught myself putting that one on repeat but the piano track is the one that stole my heart. Upon first listen I found myself holding my breath until Dave hit the last note. The dichotomy of the simple yet complex is one that makes you listen until the very end and made it one of the high points of the album for me.


If I had to say something negative about the release it would have to be that it was just too short, I was left wanting more. After such a long wait it would have been nice to get more than just an appetizer of 4 new songs. So it begs the question, was it worth the wait? The answer: a resounding yes. Even though it is only a couple of tracks Wavorly has put out some of their best work to date and I am already excited to see what they have up their proverbial sleeve next.