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War of Ages - Void

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Label: Facedown Records
Release Date: September 13, 2019


1. The Watchers
2. Void
3. Blood of the Earth
4. Miles Apart
5. Sulphur and Salt
6. Greed
7. Envy
8. Wrath
9. Jezebel
10. Brotherhood
11. The Return

Two thousand and nineteen has proven to be quite the year. One day, a bunch of rowdy hooligans on Facebook are planning how best to invade Area 51, and the next, there’s a War of Ages occurring on planet Djent. Void places an emphasis on groove, which is kicked into full gear by track three, “Blood of the Earth.” That being said, the more conservative fans need not fret; War of Ages are still our metalcore heroes from Mars. “Sulphur and Salt” – a Star Wars metal opera – capitalizes on what is perhaps the band’s greatest virtue: epic choruses. Shooting stars appear throughout, from the keyboards and black hole ambience of “Envy,” to the nu-metal spoken word in “Jezebel.” Void is sure to impress those with a penchant for metalcore mixed with djent. Those who are not quite at home with the latter genre, however, might just feel a little lost in space.

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Mark K

I said this with the last album but this band seems to be getting better and better for my taste! When they added Jack Daniels (Hope for the Dying) they added some incredible technical lead work and progressive elements. They picked up Elijah Mullins (The Burial, Fleshkiller, A Hill To Die Upon) as a full time member again and they solidified that further. Having now added Kaleb Luebchow (The Burial, Caecus) they’ve taken it all to an incredible new level. The man is an absolute monster on the kit! The combination of tech/death/prog influences with the traditional metalcore base is… Read more »