Album Review :
twentyfour64 - Know Me

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Band: twentyfour64
Album: Know Me
Label: None
Reviewed by: Tyler Hess

I’m really sorry I’m just writing this now and in such a hurry, but I just got out of P.E. and my heart is pumping really fast and I want to bust this out before lunch is over and I have to go back to Spanish class for another boring laser disc movie. Wait, this isn’t the mid to late 90’s and I’m not still in high school? Sorry, maybe this is just a dream where worlds collide, or maybe I’m just confused because I haven’t listened to an R & B album since my high school days in the prime of poppier acts like Boys II Men and KC and Jo-Jo. Totally my fault, I just didn’t realize where I was.

twentyfour64, natives of Hawaii and encamped in Los Angeles, worked with Joel Piper as producer up in Fresno to come up with their own style of rock infused R & B, while synchronizing driving guitars and melodic piano work that I haven’t heard in a long time. Perhaps it is my fault, I don’t generally look for the stuff, but then again it hasn’t been popular enough in the circles to get a lot of attention either. Hopefully, with bands like this, it will change and bring back some of the best sounds to just sit back and relax and listen to.

The album begins with a song that has penetrated my skull in such a way that I cannot for the life of me get it out, as they sing the words “we are taking over”, which apparently is true, at least as far as my brain is concerned this morning. The 13 tracks to run a bit long, and there are times when I’m ready to move on, but they suck me back in just as quickly. The sixth song comes from the oh so famous 1 Corinthians 13 and, paired with the tenth song, “Make My Day” are good enough that I’m considering using them for my wedding reception. I still think that this is best played almost as lounge music, but they still have their fair share of catchy numbers, just not consistently.

For some reason I actually got this really, really early, so this review may need to be bumped in a few weeks, but if you miss the glory days of R & B, this might be something you can look into to get them back. Unless you’re currently in high school, in which you have no glory days yet, so ha!

Track List:

  1. Taking Over
  2. Free and Captured
  3. Consider Their Cries
  4. Dance With the Embers
  5. Know Me
  6. Drowning In Shallow Love
  7. Field On Fire
  8. Our Necessity
  9. Superboy
  10. Make My Day
  11. A Season
  12. All I Need