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Lovely Things In Ugly Places by Mattie Montgomery

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In the first two sentences of his new book, Lovely Things In Ugly Places, Mattie Montgomery wastes no time expressing what he believes the heart of God is…love for the broken; “For those who are forgotten or feared by most of our post-modern church”. He goes on to say that “Wherever fear has built a wall, love can build a bridge.” What follows throughout the rest of the book are examples of exactly that, as Mattie recounts the history of For Today and intertwines the numerous interactions he’s had over the years with various folks he’s met during his time with the band.

It’s a really great read with stories and anecdotes that whether you know/like the band or not, you will find inspiring and encouraging. From ways God let him know that this was His purpose for him for this season, to stories of folks that were healed, prayers answered, and so much more, I found it hard to put this book down. Regardless of your faith, this book will no doubt give you plenty to consider and you’ll find much of what you read in it’s pages to not only pique and hold your interest, but you’ll doubtless also find a few lessons to take away from what he’s experienced for yourself as well. Highly recommended reading.

About Mattie: Most well-known as the vocalist of spirit-filled hardcore band “For Today,” Mattie Montgomery serves the body of Christ passionately, working to see hearts awakened to experience the glory of God, and to realize the untapped potential that lies within us as followers of Christ. Mattie communicates a fresh, challenging message with a prophetic edge, and takes a hard stand against fear and complacency in the Church.

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