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Reapers Are The Angels - S/T

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Band: Reapers Are The Angels

Label: N/A

Reviewed By: Chris W


01. Visions

02. Silence The Accuser

03. The Dichotomy Of Grace

04. The Immolation

Dear Facedown/Strikefirst Records,

I’d like to introduce you to the next band that you really should consider signing. Don’t think we haven’t noticed your love for bold brutal deathcore of late, what with signing Earth From Above, Impending Doom, and In The Midst Of Lions.

For those of you unfamiliar with these guys (and girl) Reapers Are The Angels is a six piece keys backed deathcore band from Virginia that is passionate about their message.

The music on this EP is above and beyond the quality that most bands put out on their first recording. It is well recorded and thought out. Vocalist James Perkins unleashes a brutal vocal assault that could rival many big name vocalists in the scene right now. And he’s not just screaming bland metaphor blurred lyrics, he’s passionately calling out to Christians with lyrics such as O earth, be alert/ Satan has come and his time is short/ He will steal and kill with no remorse/ Get up.” Behind all of the vocal brutality the guitarists sweep and tap across the fretboards in addition to your standard metal chug chug breakdowns. Rounding it all out are piano and orchestra arrangements from keyboardist Maria, along with low and beefy basslines. This is not to say that it is in any way a perfect EP as with any bands first EP or demo it leaves room for improvement and tightening up as a group, however, it’s not often that you find a first release that’s so well done.

Overall: An excellent start for a young band with a lot of potential for ministry and future recording efforts. Definitly do not ignore this band of God-fearing musicians.

For Fans Of: See The Light, The Devil Wears Prada, A Plea For Purging


[Buy] At this point the only way I know how to get it is to contact the band on myspace.