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Quick and the Dead "Consider Your Options"

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Band: Quick and the Dead
Album: “Consider Your Options”
Label: None (Unsigned)
Review by: Aaron Feldman

Quick and the DeadConsider Your Options

It took all about two minutes listening to Consider Your Options, Quick and the Dead’s recent release, to ask myself “How is this band unsigned?” Hailing from Pleasanton, CA Quick and the Dead is a 5 piece punk-metal band who is storming the Christian punk world. They have played over 500 shows, many alongside bands such as Squad Five-0, Eleventeen, NIV, and Prodigal.

Christian punk music lovers have been waiting for an album like this for quite some time. In recent years there has been a flood of emo-punk and pop-punk bands that have saturated the scene. It has been difficult to “find” something that sounds unique. Consider Your Options exposes us to a new, fresh, bold, unique sound.

The album as a whole delivers. The album has 13 tracks that are easily distinguishable from one another, leaving the album with no dead space. Pretty much all of the tracks are hot. Band influences are Slick Shoes, Project 86 and Thrice.

The guitar chord progressions are great and most of the melodies are catchy. The guitars carry this album. The guitarists deliver with different styles, rhythms, muting, solos, and array of licks that add wonderful color to this album. There are some great ‘80s like guitar solos that rock out. The vocalist voices blend really well, and the screaming is in sync and delivers a one-two punch that gives each song a different distinction.

The best part of this album are the lyrics, it is so awesome to hear a Christian punk band that sings spiritual songs that are Christ centered. The songs are well written and spiritually powerful. He Sees an Angel is the best track on the album, and speaks the message of Christ’s hope and love and our belief in Him. “He’s made you to be just look up and open your eyes. He waits for the day you decide on Him.” And “Cause what He sees is everything, cause what He sees is everything in you.” This is one of those few songs that you can put on repeat and let it play for hours.

Trying Is The First Step Towards Failure, has a message of lonliness, put the presence of God each step of our way. “I’m a lie if only for tonight. I hear you calling out to me. Cause your grace has set me free. ”

Lyrics for The Giving Tree speak of the struggles of human beings and His forgiveness and patience and love for us. “Lord help me believe that we are stronger than we think we are.” It is songs like these that help us realize what Christ has done for us.

One fault of the album is that the vocalists always seem to be singing, leaving no room for musicians to showcase their stuff.

Consider Your Options proves that you can still stick with Christian lyrics and come out with a great album that can prosper and gain national attention. If these guys keep up this energy and pace there is no telling how far they can go. Do yourself a favor buy this album, and do it quickly.

The album is enhanced offering live footage, a music video for Trying is the First Step Towards Failure. Extras, including photos and lyrics to the songs. The album can be purchased at

Hit Songs:
Trying is the First Step Towards Failure
By All Means
The Giving Tree
He Sees an Angel

Band Members:
Shane Gould (Vocals)
Kerry Gould (Drums)
Peter Goett (Bass)
Nick Puccini (Guitar)
Kyle Tredway (Guitar)

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