Album Review :
Number One Gun - To The Secrets and Knowledge

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Band: Number One Gun
Title: To The Secrets and Knowledge
Label: Tooth & Nail Records
Release Date: 1/26/10

  1. The Victory
  2. Big Machines
  3. Forest
  4. Noises
  5. Hey Stranger
  6. The People
  7. White Lies
  8. Look To Pass
  9. Try It
  10. Don’t Stop Believing

Going solo can always be hard. But for the real professionals, they can handle it just right. Enter Number One Gun, otherwise known as Jeff Schneeweis. Since the breakup of Number One Gun a few years back, he has released a solo album as NOG, produced a few albums (Hawthorne Hights, Secret & Whisper) and has also done some mixing as well (I Am Empire).

To The Secrets and Knowledge progresses from the past albums, but also brings back some of the memories from Celebrate Memories, Number One Gun’s debut. Made up of primarily some very nicely crafted indie rock, with many different elements thrown in. The opener, aptly titled “The Victory”, starts off with an electronic sound to it, but breaks more into a sharp sounding track with some great hooks. “Big Machines” has more of a rock sound to it.

“Forest”, the album’s current single as well as the catchiest song of the bunch, is written about Schneeweis’ two-year-old daughter and what she will encounter when she starts school. “Noises” is a more toned down, and “Hey Stranger” picks the tempo right back up. “The People” and “White Lies”  completely slow done the album, being more stripped down offerings.

Following the softer tracks is the instrumental track titled “Look To Pass”. For you indie rock lovers out there, this song is like two and a half minutes of just pure indie rock, no words included, which just adds to its beauty. As the album just about draws to a close, “Try It” gives us more of a harder pop/rock song, which leads us to the cinematic closer, “Don’t Stop Believing”. Yes, this is the Journey classic, and yes, this cover is memorable. The song contains many of the same elements of the original, even the solo. A great way to close the album, it captures many of the albums bits and pieces, as well as the classic elements.


Number One Gun, now a solo project, can still be great, even with one member. Ranging from some memorable indie rock and even electronic elements, Number One Gun matures for a great sound yet again. Check this album out for a great start to 2010 and a decade that promises us great music!