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Istra - The Verdict

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Artist: Istra
Album: The Verdict
Label: Blue Tint Entertainment

I first listened to downloaded mp3s from this band over a year ago, and was instantly in love, so when I found out they had a new album I was pretty excited. I had played those first few songs so many times, put them on so many mixes, recommended them to so many friends. It was time for something new, and Istra delivered.

Istra plays a very melodic post-hardcore along the lines of Blindside or As Cities Burn. With so much tough guy hardcore out there, and little to no variety between bands, Istra offers something different. Their guitars are edgy, but in more of a new school punk way. The vocals are quick, and range from singing, to screaming, to even a little bit of fast talking or shouting. The drums are clear and keep things together very nicely. The bass is present, but not quite distinguished enough. Unfortunately, the first thing I noticed on this CD was the lousy production. I would love to put Istra in a top quality studio with Matt Goldman or GGGarth Richardson or Matt Hyde or maybe Aaron Sprinkle. Together, they would make one amazing record.

For fans of true modern day rock and roll, Istra is one band you’ll want to keep your eyes on. The Verdict is an impressive bunch of songs. Each one contributes to the album and shows that this Southern California four piece puts a lot of work into their music. I can see them ending up on Mono Vs. Stereo or possibly even Victory Records sometime in the future.


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