Album Review :
Here's My Chance - Through The Towns

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Artist: Here’s My Chance

Album: Through The Towns

Released: Spring 2008

Reviewer: Tyler Hess

Apparently, there is a scene in Iowa. It makes sense, I’ve just never thought about it. Have you? Well, maybe you should, I’m sure they’d appreciate it. I bring this up, in case your deductive powers are low due to thinking way too much about Christmas shopping, Here’s My Chance brings us their pop-punk sound from Des Moines, a town name I’ve always enjoyed saying, because I’m a nerd. Now that I’ve said too much about too little, are you wondering what they are really all about? You better, because if you don’t, I’d feel bad.

Through The Towns is a six song ep that causes me to think of the good times I’ve had listening to Olivia the Band, with their constantly flowing tunes that keep the beat loud, fast and steady. The themes are pretty consistent throughout, mostly dealing with youth and being on the road and how they wouldn’t give it up for anything. We’ve heard it before, but it is still catchy and done well.

The album begins with “This Life I Know”, a song showing the appreciation for the life they’ve lived and would fit well on a surf video. I live about four blocks from the Pacific Ocean in So Cal, so it is hard to escape such videos, so you should just trust me on that one. Watchin’ The Lines follows suit with a trip down the road with the band and highlights their ability to write a good chorus. Blame it on the Weather is up next and displays the beginning of the realization that it is really hard to tell one song from the other. Similar themes, similar musical approaches, little deviation, even for a pop-punk band. After that, Disbelief appears to be about just being in awe of their surroundings. From Heart to Soul continues the choppy drums and guitars that permeate the ep, with the most indecipherable lyrics, making me wonder what the point of all that was exactly.

One disappointment is in the last track, “Through The Towns”, which uses a steady diet of a certain word that begins with d and rhymes with wham. I know, I know, everyone on here has a different opinion on curse words and that some favorites like Blindside, P.O.D. and Relient K (though in better context in their case) have used the same word in songs, but I just thought that it is at least pertinent to bring up for those who do care. Please don’t let this be a point of contention right now, thanks. Other than this rather disheartening point, the ep tends to be on the positive side of things, but not very spiritual.