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Further Seems Forever "Farewell Show 2006"

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Show Review: Further Seems Forever Farewell May 21st 2006
Location: House of Blues, Anaheim, Ca.

Well, I ventured outside last night to attend the final farewell show from Further Seems Forever and what a night it was. It took place at the fabulous House of Blues in Downtown Disney (Anaheim, CA.) on Sunday May 21st. The venue is perfect for live sound of any kind and they have the best overall sound quality of any venue I step foot in. I got there and the room was about 1/4 filled for the opener, then a few more poured in for William Tell. By the time FSF took the stage, it was a little less than half full. Maybe 300 kids? The show started out with some local openers–The Outline and William Tell. The Outline played their brand of dance pop/80’s revival/indie rock sort of thing that is extremely popular these days. They announced to the crowd that their Fearless Records debut would be out in July. William Tell played straight out rock n roll, reminding me a bit of Next in Line and Something Corporate. It’s kind of ironic because William was formerly a member of Something Corporate. Anyway, you can find both bands on myspace here:

What I was there for in anticipation was the headliners of the evening, Further Seems Forever. My memory is kind of faded on song choices but from what I remember, the band played several hits from The Moon is Down(The Moon is Down, Snowbirds and Townies, New Year’s Project), How to Start a Fire(The Sound, Pride War), and of course the fabulous Hide Nothing(Bleed, Someone You Know, Light up Ahead, and For All We Know) . There were probably a few others that I can’t recall offthe top of my head. Only two long time members of the band were present with Jonathan of course on vocals. The other three members, Scott Nunn and two other guys(I forget their names) were touring mates. Still, they were tight musically and you wouldn’t be able to notice that the other guys weren’t present. The band was super friendly and warm to the crowd. They were very appreciative of the fan’s support over the years and it was a real blessing to have a band in such warm spirits. You’d think that a band on their way out would sort of just brush everyone off and leave with an attitude. Not FSF, they put on a phenomonal show and left us hanging for more. Jonathan Bunch is one of the most talented vocalists to grace our music scene in the past couple decades or more. His strength or range is beyond incredible. This man should not quit what he’s doing or fade into yesteryear. I hope to see a new group with Jon fronting in the near future. I’m sorry kids but Jonathan IS my favorite Further Seems Forever vocalist and he will always remain that way in my mind. Here’s to the past and here’s to the future.

“There’s a light up ahead….lift me up…”

FSF 1998-2006

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