Talkie Releases New Album "Fundamental Things"

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Talkie, the band comprised of a few former members of the great Blood & Water, has returned with their 2nd full length effort called “Fundamental Things”. Right now for next 48 hours you can download the album for $1 via their bandcamp here. Great production quality and catchy indie-pop songs but I seriously want one more Blood & Water album. It probably won’t happy but whatever I’ll hold out hope ;)

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3 Comments on "Talkie Releases New Album "Fundamental Things""

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Their bandcamp writeup is hilarious

Mark K

Eric Martin, the drummer, was in I Am Empire. That’s the band I’d love to hear more from. I spoke with and asked Andrew Stanton at a Disciple show about I Am Empire. He said they had worked on a couple songs last year. Glad to hear that. Loved that band!