Song Premier: Pilgrims - Motherless Sons

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Pilgrims is the new moniker of songwriter and composer Timothy Mann (formerly known as gdansk). This time around, Mann’s lyrics are more spiritually driven, his compositions more spacious, and his posture more vulnerable. “Motherless Sons”, the project’s debut single, sees Mann highlight his film-score sensibilities collide with the gentleness of worship and lament. The song runs the gamut of the beatitudes, highlighting God’s love for those the world deems unworthy.

Mann had this to say about the song and project:

I didn’t think I was going to do this again. It’s been 6 years since the last time I put out a proper song. I didn’t plan it like that but time moves steadily forward. My wife and I had our first child in late 2014 and I wanted to give my time to that, so I stopped and focused on my family for a little bit. 6 months turned into 6 years. Lots of water under our respective bridge. I feel the time is right to start again. I’m calling it Pilgrims. A simple name that just signify the journey that we are all on, searching for meaning, acceptance, love, and peace. And that in a nutshell is what the songs will be about. I want to talk about things that matter to me and things that matter to everyone. I want to talk about life, love, religion, death, family, and longing. Big topics with no clear answers. I have no pretense or grand plans for this, it’s just to do it. It’s simply to make music that I feel matters. This is the first step towards that.

COVID-19 has turned our world on its head, and it’s been a sobering reminder to me that, as per usual, the marginalized and needy are disproportionately affected. It’s making dire situations such as famine worse, and pushing millions of people into extreme poverty. As someone who calls themselves a Christian, I am called to care for these people. The disenfranchised, the broken, the hurting, the hungry, the sick, the widow, the orphan, etc…. I wrote this in response to what I realized was a lot apathy and neglect in myself to anything outside my immediate bubble. Essentially selfishness. We’re all living in different situations and places, but at the core we are all humans who all have the exact same basic needs. I am so privileged to live in a country where I am afforded these and all manner of luxuries, but I must remember that others don’t get the same. Beyond that, I must remember that we as human being have a duty to care for people in lack and in want. Motherless Sons is an attempt to talk to myself, and to remind myself that I need to do better.

To put some action to where my words are, I’m going to be donating 50% of the royalties of this song (however small that may be) to Compassion Canada. It’s an organization that actively combats poverty, specifically in children, all over the globe. I’ve been to places where they operate and I’ve seen the work first hand. It’s life changing and necessary. If you have some extra to spare, I encourage you to consider sponsoring a child in need. If a monthly commitment isn’t doable, perhaps a one time donation to Compassion or any other humanitarian organization that is working to bring about change to people in need all over this beautiful earth.
Thanks for listening and stay safe friends! It’s good to be back

Compassion Canada:


Charity Water:

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Loyd Harp
July 24, 2020 7:25 am

I take it this is NOT the Timothy Mann of Focused, et. al.?

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