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For our Song of the Day this time, let’s dig deep. While I often get stuck in the 90s (admittedly a great era for faith-based musical excursions), let’s not forget that Christian rock goes back *at least* to the 1960s (or arguably earlier if we include Sister Rosetta Tharpe).

Not a lot is known about Gidians Bible (sic.), but what is known is fairly significant. Take a closer look at the band photo, particularly the vocalist on the far right. That’s then-future Petra vocalist Greg Volz. And despite the band name, as far as we can tell, this particular outfit was not an evangelical Christian band. Nonetheless, this is an early piece of rock music relevant to the Christian scene.

And the track itself is fantastic. While it starts off as a mellow folk/soft rock tune, just keep listening a few minutes and it gets into some pretty interesting psych rock territory. There are two versions of the track available. One released as a 45 single in 1970, and another available on a compilation of tracks originally recorded a year earlier. The one posted here is the 1970 vinyl version. Enjoy!

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David John Eden
December 7, 2023 7:30 am

Kinda dug that groovy tune. Maybe cuz I wrote it. Yep, that was our BC band. Coming out of our druggie phase into our New Age mystical phase. From which Jesus graciously rescued us in 1970. And we became E. All this is chronicled on Phasebook. (Facebook: Gidians Bible, E band) Various recordings can be obtained there. Thanks.

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