Rottweiler Records Announce Release Date for Hand of Fire's "Let The Killings Begin"

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Hand of Fire

Rottweiler Records announced the long awaited release date for Christian thrash metal band, Hand of Fire’s new album Let the Killings Begin. Rottweiler Records, based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a record label that was founded by Shawn Browning a.k.a. Wretched Graverobber as a way to release Grave Robber and his solo music. Hand of Fire, a recent signing to Rottweiler, is a Thrash metal band that formed in 2010 as a supergroup project with Jim Settle (ex-Tantrum of the Muse) and Corey Steger (ex-Underoath). Steger left the band in 2015, leaving Settle to organize a live lineup. The lineup currently consists of Settle, Guitarist Tiago James Tracy Souza, Bassist Tom Eaton, and Drummer Bill Davies. The band’s debut album, Let the Killings Begin is due to be released on December 3, 2016.

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