New Release Today (NRT Books) Presents: Mixtape Theology, Inspired by 90's Music and Culture

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New Release Today has started “NRT Books” and their first release is “Mixtape Theology” which is a 330+ book that takes a look at 90’s Christian Music and Culture, all the cheese but also that much cherished message and what made it so great. If you’ve been following Mixtape Theology on X (formerly Twitter) you’ll sense a knack for humor and that hint of sarcasm while seeing all the fun and memories many of us hold dear. This sounds like a really great book and one I’ll be ordering for sure. The book releases on October 2nd and you’ll be able to order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Saddle up your horses! Introducing NRT Books, a new publishing imprint for Christian music fans to dive deeper into the Biblical inspirations behind top-selling tracks and to hear from the artists who wrote them while receiving practical life applications around important life themes we all face today.

Our first book, ‘Mixtape Theology,’ is coming October 2 and if you grew up around 90s Christian music, this one is going to take you right back! Born from the popular podcast of the same name, this 330+ page book is full of nostalgia, wonder, and a whole lot of 90s cheese that readers will fall in love with as they revisit classic Christian songs from when the genre was exploding past its Jesus Music roots of the 70s and 80s.

Read the official press release for NRT Books here. More soon!

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