New Music: May 26, 2017

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13 Comments on "New Music: May 26, 2017"

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Hi, great new music. I love the following 2 songs the most…

Brynn Elliott – Might Not Like Me (Acoustic) [Single]

Abigail Duhon – Abigail Duhon [EP]



So The Letter Black got a lot heavier post t&n. I didn’t expect it and I am liking the metal influence.


I really like it. Does anyone have any suggestions for the nu-metal sound? I have been really into as of late. Stuff like this and Love and Death and early Disciple and Project 86… Any ideas or suggestions?

Noah Hardwick

A few recent releases you could check out:

* As We Ascend – Farewell To Midnight
* Random Hero – The Covering
* torndown – Live Again EP

Looks like you have a good idea of some of the bigger bands with some nu-metal influences. I would find it hard to find a band that is just nu-metal. Now some of these may be more heavy rock, but I believe you will find the sound you are looking for with some of these bands(or albums): – Spades and Blades – More metal/metalcore, but they do have some nu-metal mixed in that I just love – – Early if not everything Demon Hunter has released – Skillet – Collide – This album they experimented with some metal influences… Read more »
I already knew about quite a few of these bands. I have been into heavy music for a long while. I have just had the itch to listen to hard rock/nu metal/rap rock/whatever, lately. Back when I was listening to this style of music, I was not a believer so I was listening to a lot of crap and I missed out on so much of the great christian alternative. So, from your list I discovered Spades and Blades, Righteous Vendetta and Beanbag. Actually while exploring Beanbag’s related artists on Spotify, I stumbled upon Justifide and LikeDavid which is awesome.… Read more »
I figured a lot of my list would probably be known to you unless you are really new to christian music, but I wanted to make sure I included as much as possible. Since it is not on your list currently I think I should recommend Brian Welch’s album before he named it Love and Death called Save Me From Myself. Which you probably have heard of, but just making sure. Weird that I forgot to put Justifide on that list, but glad you found it. Those suggestions on spotify or any music service is a good place to start… Read more »

Dude that We Are Leo album is really great. I’ve always been a fan and even though they ride that “pop” line, I can’t help but enjoy the tracks


The Letter Black is not out until 6/2 over here in Europe.
Same for you?

No EDM. :(