Must Build Jacuzzi Release First New Song in 4 Years!

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Must Build Jacuzzi have returned from their long, extended hibernation in the forest where they learned to fish with their weathered hands, hunt with weapons forged in fire, forage for food with nothing but a knife, chop wood with that murderous axe (sorry merch guy), build a shelter out of Lincoln logs, and unfortunately had to eliminate someone from the group just like in Lord of the Flies. While it was a tragic time they had to endure these past 4 years and the fact that they lost a good merch guy in their battles, they have reemerged from the shadows with their sanity in tact. They now wield their guitars, bass, drums, an amazing horn section, and that unforgettable microphone which by the time this song “Egress” ends, that mic will fall. This song is not for the faint a heart. It mixes in a little Michael Bolton with some Slayer and Ric Astley to create a sound only these guys could create. Think Streetlight Manifesto meets Turnstile meets Suicide Machines with a splash of the Bosstones for good measure. The song is sooooo gooood that I almost feel like buying a set of MySlippers. Enjoy! *For those of you who want to download the song and support a great independent label, click here and see how.

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