The Broken Record Podcast Touches on Swearing In Christian Music

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Check out the latest episode of The Broken Record Podcast for a discussion on the controversial topic of swearing in Christian music with Josh from Ravenhill and Kevin from New Release Today. This really cool podcast is run by Tim Hopkins from BrokenFM. Listen to the podcast here (or below).

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5 Comments on "The Broken Record Podcast Touches on Swearing In Christian Music"

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Derek O.

2 things. I think they should have interviewed someone who does think that swearing is okay and beneficial in Christian music. And holy crap this is so embedded in CCM culture it’s ridiculous.

I thought Josh had a fairly balanced view on the topic. But yes, it would be cool to get someone pro-profanity, someone anti-profanity, and someone in the middle altogether to get a wide range of perspectives. That said, as a podcaster myself, I don’t think Tim was out of line by not interviewing someone who is pro-swearing. When you line up an interview with someone like Kevin (owner of arguably the largest Christian music website on the internet) your goal isn’t necessarily to represent all sides of a controversial issue, but to let your guest share their opinion. Could you… Read more »

I listened to this last night. Kind of a disappointing, tepid discussion they had. I actually tried going to the article referenced in there, but couldn’t find it on their site, guess it was just a Facebook post?

Derek O.