Sef Idle - Blindsided (Music Video + Album Info)

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Sef Idle the talented singer/songwriter behind such critically acclaimed punk bands like uniSEF and False Idle, returns as part of a special 4 Way “Split” with other great musicians like Dennis Jaguard, Rob Lanterman, and Russ Worstell. This punk rock troubadour conveys so much truth, and so much broken hearted honesty that you can’t help but sing along. This new “solo” song is built around his acoustic guitar but with a full studio sound even though it’s just a one man show, if that makes sense. “Blindsided” is one of those special songs that pulls at the heart strings and brings about a full appreciation for this man’s music. It’s warm, it’s inviting, and it holds a familiar warmth and grace that only Sef Idle could create. The 4 Way Split is out on April 8th through People of Punk Rock Records, Simpul Records, and Hidden Home Records. Pre-Order here.

The punk-rock-guy-with-an-acoustic-guitar trope may seem like a tired one, but the raw
expression of pure emotional release offered by folk songs is inseparable from any substantial,
boundary-pushing punk song. Behind every band drinking 40s in the parking lot of an all-ages
space lies a collective desire to be vulnerable and heard by those who relate. True, the music
and performance are both fueled by angst, but only fueled. The machinery is a wide range of
emotions, experiences, and influences that inform your favorite musicians. Thus, when these
four Boise, ID singer-songwriters with shared roots in the North American punk rock scene
found each other, it only made sense to collaborate.

The result? A four-way acoustic split featuring two new original tracks and one cover from each
artist. More importantly, a chance for each of them to share and propel each other’s voices in
their most intimate manifestations.

Who are these singer-songwriters? For starters, Dennis Jagard, the singer/guitarist/songwriter
of Ten Foot Pole, an Epitaph Records skatepunk band with substantial underground success in
the ’90s. Dennis moved to Boise in recent years and has already become a thriving member of
the local scene. Next, there is Sef Idle, the frontman of Boise-based punk bands False Idle and
Unisef. Over the past few years, Sef has collected several solo releases under his belt. The
other half of the split is compiled by Rob Lanterman and Russ Worstell of the New York City
melodic hardcore unit Shrug Dealer. Both members originate from the Boise punk scene. Rob
has been an acoustic singer-songwriter for many years and has been in more bands than you
can count, while Russ is well-known as the frontman for Boise’s hugely popular pop punk band

This release serves as a way for the singer-songwriters to share their unique voices and
showcase influences their listeners may not expect. Subsequently, in addition to two original
tracks, each included a cover by a decidedly-non punk artist. The acoustic split will be released
on April 8th via People of Punk Rock (vinyl), Simpul Records (CD), and Hidden Home Records
(Cassette), and will be available for streaming and digital download as well.

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