B Is Bridgie

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I had the privileged opportunity to interview Kim Caro, who is the vocalist for upcoming indie rock band B Is Bridgie. She shared how they got to know producer Scott Silletta, people who she wished or wish she could collaborate with, and her fancy for bottle cap art.

How did you come up with the name B Is Bridgie.

B is Bridgie was my aunt’s AIM screen name. I thought it was adorable and I think she is amazing so I stole it from her. She is flattered we used it. She would have rather had my child named after her but this makes her equally happy.

How did you end up working with ex-Plankeye front man Scott Silletta?

Jon’s cousin Honorious joined a hardcore band called Outnumbered which played with bands like Focused and Unashamed.  Focused and Unashamed would end up playing concerts with Outnumbered and Plankeye.  With Honorius as the doorway to these bands, Jon’s own band Bloodshed would join such a lineup that would eventually join Tooth and Nail records.

Does the band have any permanent members besides you and your husband Jonathan.

We have had Jon’s brother, Joseph Caro on bass consistently. Our newest member on board is Matthew Vangalapudi, who is on drums. He will be playing his first show with us for the record release party.

What upcoming shows do you have planned and are touring in the future a possibility?

The first show we have planned is April 1 on Stageit, hosted and live streamed by Honorious Gulmatico of Catching Sound Media. There are still a few tickets left that you can purchase at StageIt. It will be held at Max Bloom’s Café Noir in Fullerton. The next is  April 19th on Record Store Day in Anaheim at a record shop called Ceremony located in Community. We will be doing an acoustic set.

Do any particular artists influence the songwriting that takes place in the band?

Jon has his set sound from his influences that naturally show in the music. He likes the indie rock bands from the 90s. I would like to say I am more into the raw unpolished vocals from bands like Park Ave. or Churchbuilder. Also the sweet sounds of The Snowfairies, The Softies or someone you might be more familiar with, Morella’s Forest. Jon has done the songwriting for this EP, 500 Words but I wrote the lyrics for the older songs, there is no doubt an obvious difference. Others include Letters to Cleo, That Dog, My Favorite, and The Secret History.

If the opportunity presented itself, would you sign to a label say Tooth and Nail or any other label in particular.

Yes!!!! We have to do the majority of the work but it’s nice to have some backing. FYI there is just talk with some labels right now but nothing promising.

If you could collaborate with any musician or band, who would it be?

Lyrically I would wish to have worked with Keith Green. Musically I would love to work with Michael Grace Jr. (My Favorite, The Secret History). Also just cause I got really into his bands and he is such an awesome person I would say I wish to work with Neal Ramirez (Snowfairies, Scary Monster). Sorry I couldn’t choose one!

What is your favorite bible verse and why?

My favorite bible verse is Psalm 119:103 “How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth.” I chose this verse because 1 it’s super cute and 2nd I believe I need to go to the bible before any other advice out there. God is my first source. I do not want to compromise anything in it or compromise my life and then bam I am no longer following God. I don’t want to follow any advice that contradicts God’s word. When I am happy I should be reading, when I am at my worst I should look to him. When I am insecure and not know what to do the bible is God’s breathe, his very words I can hold and meditate on in my own bedroom or in a public place. In his time, he will reveal to me what I need to know or it will be hidden so well in my heart the Holy Spirit will whisper to me what I need to remember. No book, no pastor, acclaimed healer or even best friend can take the place of God’s Word. Of course I fail to go to Him at times, but then during those times I am searching in a never-ending circle for something that I already have available which are the answers God wrote for me in his love story called The Holy Bible.

What is your bottle cap art all about and can anyone get something painted by you?

The bottle cap art that you have seen on the album art work for 500 Words or if you have been following my Stageit show event on Facebook or any other networking site I use is used right now as the drawing prize for buying your ticket early. This bottle cap is a button/pin. I started painting on bottle caps in 2004. I turn the caps into magnets, earrings, big rings, and so on. I didn’t copy anyone I had created all the products out of creativity. I would make designs for myself or other individuals but decided I really had a love for making band buttons. That is how I met Jon, he was in Stairwell at the time. I had duplicated 4 different designs for his band. They bought 100 to take on a mini tour. Yes, anyone can ask me to design for them but they need to write me on https://www.etsy.com/shop/circlesareforever. I had put my bottle cap machine self on hiatus since my daughter was born but since the Stageit show it sparked my determination to create them. I can honestly talk about them all day. Perhaps that can be a different interview!

Any last words that you care to share with the IVM readers?

If you stumble upon our cd, read the credits and you see we thank Airsoft… just know Jon wrote all the music, lyrics and we recorded the entire cd in a week. Our deadline was based on him attending an airsoft game the following weekend.