All Ships At Sea

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Scott, IVM: Give me a who’s-who of the band.

Tyler: Well, my name is Tyler. I am the vocalist for All Ships At Sea. Dustin handles the guitar job, Jordan is bass, and Pat plays the bang boomers.

What’s the back-story of the band?

The sort of history of the band can get really lengthy, but basically, I met Dustin at a show about 4 years ago, and he ended up joining the band I was in at that time, which broke up and then we became All Ships At Sea. We have been through tons of members, which makes things real difficult being in a Christian band. There are too few of us in the world as it is, let alone people who play music. About a year ago we came across Jordan, who I knew from his brother’s band. And then Pat came along to help us out when we were looking for a drummer and he decided he wanted to join, which we were real stoked about.

What’s the story behind the band’s name?

The name All Ships At Sea is supposed to be a representation of what Christ has called us to be… fishers of men. We are ministry focused, so the music is really just our vessel to get us into the world and be the light in darkness. It has to be all or nothing. So it’s almost a reminder to us as well. This is who we are and this is what God has called us to be… 100% giving everything we have to reaching this generation of kids that are into heavy music.

Christian band, Christians in a band, or other?

We are definitely a Christian band. From day one, that was the goal. Like I said before, we want to put ministry before our music. I feel that if we were simply Christians in a band, then our focus would be completely off and that would put us in the center rather then Jesus.

Share a bit of your personal testimony?

Well, I was raised in a very fundamental baptist church that I had very little interest in. I was your typical “Sunday Christian”. It wasn’t until I was 18 that I realized, “Man, I am way off track”. So I ended up leaving that particular church to find one that would better suit me and I could really learn from. It was the best decision of my life. I went from hating being dragged to church to being super pumped for Sunday morning. There is no other life I would rather live!

How would you describe the band’s style of music?

I think the best way to describe us is just heavy. We really don’t fit into a particular genre, and even within our music, we have a ton of different styles of heavy music which I think helps create a bit of uniqueness. Not with just the band, but even each song sort of has its own style.

What are some of the band’s influences?

I know its cliche, but Jesus is our number one influence and passion. I think next would be Paul from the Bible. He had one of the strongest most amazing hearts for the Lord, and I know for me personally, I wish to follow his example. As far as music goes, we are all really into bands like For Today, The Chariot, Agraceful, The Glorious Unseen, and Jesus Culture (amazing worship band)… just to name a few.

What are some of the band’s inspirations?

We are really inspired by pure passion for God. Every lyric is a representation of either struggles we have or our all out worship of Him. This generation is a huge inspiration too. I know God has some big plans for it, but the enemy is well at work trying to hinder the work of His hand. I do know that God will always prevail and the breakthrough is on its way, which I am personally really stoked for!

Let us in on a stand-out moment where you just thought, “Thank you, God”.

Probably the most recent one of those was at Soulfest up in New Hampshire this year. A couple weeks before it, God showed me what was going to happen there and some amazing things that were going to sprout because of it… which was basically us dedicating the last 20 minutes of our 40 minute time slot to allowing the kids watching to share their testimonies and get their voice heard. So when that was actually happening, I was just so blown away. I couldn’t even stand. It was definitely a “Thank You God!” moment! The video of that can be seen here:

Fill us in on the direction that you believe God is taking you as a band.

God is definitely leading us into fuller ministry and much, much deeper passion for Him. With that comes a price, of course. It is offensive to most people, so some of our numbers are going down in the worlds eyes. But our reward is not carnal, but spiritual, so we just know that as long as the gospel is not only being said, but being lived, then we are doing something right. Not to mention we have been seeing kids get healed and saved at our shows now, so God is really doing much more with us then I have ever imagined.

Share your heart for a moment. Why do you do what you do?

It is a huge honor to be a part of the band because I get to do music which I love so much, and I get to be a part of a ministry, which I love even more. So the combination of the two is just incredible. I am getting pretty spiritually greedy now, which is a really awesome thing. This band will not end until every heart has been touched, every mind renewed, and every life changed that God has set to happen. And that is so awesome to me. That is the reason why I am in this band… and I speak for all of us when I say that.

What do you hope a listener comes away with after listening to your cd?

For the Christian, I hope they are edified and brought into a stronger relationship with the Lord. For the non-Christian, I hope that we can tear down their pre-determined ideas of what Christianity is and that they will see God’s love in us and hear and see the gospel. At the very least, I hope they just enjoy listening to positive music.

What were the best and worst venues you’ve played? And why?

Oh man, I would say the best venue was this church in Southington, CT, when we would play shows with our good friends Elotheos. The sound was absolutely incredible and every show would have over 300 kids which, at least in CT, is insane for just a local show. So that place was always the best to play at. The worst I would say was this place out in Glouster, MA, which was about a 3 1/2 hour ride out there for us. We played there twice, and both times we played for the old man who ran the place and one other band and that was it. Then turned around and drove home, haha. Needless to say, after the second time of that we never went back.

What was the most encouraging and/or humbling thing(s) to happen at a live show?

The testimonies at Soulfest was definitely the most encouraging and humbling thing, but I think when teenage, hardcore dancin’ kids covered in tattoos and stretched ears come up to us after crying and giving us hugs because they realize that their relationship with God is not where it should be, it just blows me away. I’m not saying it happens often, but when it does, it is so amazing and I struggle to not be speechless.

In what ways do you feel that the band has grown and matured since it’s formation?

The band has grown and matured in every aspect. Musically, we have come a long way, and definitely spiritually, that has been somewhat of an explosion with that. I am really looking forward to seeing what God has for us next because He has done so much for us already, I can’t even imagine what is next on His list of things to do.

If you could say one thing to a young person struggling with purpose and direction in life, what would it be?

There is life and freedom in a relationship with God that can never be found in anything else. I would point them to Paul and Job and share about their stories and how God used the worst situations in our eyes for His glory and poured out His blessing on these men.

Any last comments you would like to leave the readers with?

Just talk to us about what we believe. We want to show the power and love of God. We want to show the reality.

What are you hoping to get for Christmas?

All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth! And maybe just a little time to relax with friends and family :]

There you have it… a glimpse into the band All Ships At Sea. So, until next time, Merry Christmas. And take some time to tell someone about the real meaning of Christmas this season… what a gift that could be. Peace.