Song of the Day: Titanic - Dead Men's Bones

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Titanic’s founder Bill Menchen has been active in the Christian metal scene since the 1980s, first with his band Redeemer, and later with a number of other metal-themed bands including Seventh Power, Menchen, Rev Seven, and perhaps his most well-known, Titanic.

Although they formed in the 1990s, they still played traditional heavy metal without any hint of alternative, grunge, or punk, which were so prevalent in that decade. The only 90s influence in Titanic’s music was the updated sonics and production techniques, which added a lot more crunch to the guitar tones than what 80s metal was known for. The result was a heavier form of melodic metal with lots of crunchy groove.

The band was essentially Bill’s own project with hired musicians playing on the albums, including none other than “The Visual Timekeeper” Robert Sweet of Stryper. The band released three full-length albums as well as a ‘best of’ compilation. “Dead Man’s Bones” is taken from 2007’s Full Steam Ahead.

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