Song of the Day: Veni Domine -Eli Lema Sabachtani

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I admit, in spite of my wide voray into the annals of endless genres of Christian music, I did not familiarize myself with the progressive, doom or power metal genres until recently. Yes, I liked some songs from what I would later come to realize as these styles such as Fourth Estate’s instrumental Poet’s Lament & Paramecium’s I’m Not To Blame. I have since grown fond of greats such as Theocracy (my personal fave), Narnia, ReinXeed (who do fantastic covers), Golden Resurrection, etc… Sweden’s Veni Domine (Latin for Hear My Prayer, O Lord) plays a mix of the aforementioned genres & there is no denying lead vocalist Fredrik Sjöholm can sing.

Eli Lema Sabachtani has always struck a chord with me, perhaps the sonic sounds of the swirly guitars or his powerhouse vocals & remains my fave. Check it out & these insightful lyrics as they seem to mirror my own thoughts on my life:

I’m addicted    To the stress on this planet      So much I need to know    I’m addicted   To just scratching the surface    Emotions put on hold   Deep dark eyes are surfing the net  It’s not me, it’s my silhouette
Spirit’s shy I wonder why  Eli lema sabachtani  Wind will cry as we deny   Eli lema sabachtani
I’m addicted  To be seen as a winner  An infection in the brain   I’m addicted  To the news that delivers  Hell and massive pain   A feast for evil, mankind sleeping  Far beyond our walls they’re weeping

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January 21, 2021 12:12 am

Hadn’t heard of this band until today. Pretty good stuff. I’ll have to listen to more over the coming days.

Simon M.
Simon M.
January 20, 2021 9:37 am

BTW: “Veni” Domine means “The Lord comes”, but definetly not “hear my prayer” or something like that.
Anyway another great artcile about another legendary christian band – thanks Timo !

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