Song of the Day: A Week Away Film, Awesome God Medley

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So our family discovered this cute little Netflix film called “A Week Away”, which conveys a strong, hopeful message, and plenty of sing-a-long moments (think The Greatest Showman meets High School Musical meets Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist). The film takes cues from familiar Christian stories and uplifting films without getting too overly cheesy. Yes, it’s a family sing-a-long film but kids can stay connected to the story regardless of age(s) and find something meaningful to absorb. I found the film not only brings families together but can also be a great teaching tool for sharing Faith with those that are maybe seeking out greater meaning in this chaotic life we share. The story takes place at what one can only imagine as a “youth group camp”, in the hills of Tennessee. Lots of great characters and unique character development. The film develops this relationship between two main characters that are each discovering who they are and what they believe while finding love through the thick of it. I wont give too much away so just flip on Netflix and search for “A Week Away” and you’ll see it listed. Oh, and the whole film takes classic Christian songs, amps them up a bit and reworks them to a modern day sound while focusing on the melodies. Songs by Michael W Smith, Amy Grant, Steven Curtis Chapman, Audio Adrenaline, For King & Country, and more all get a special reworking in this film. There is even a Johnnyswim version of one of the film songs on the soundtrack which is available through digital networks. This Song Of The Day post is a focus on one of my favorites from the film which is a mash up of that classic Rich Mullins song “Awesome God” and for KING & COUNTRY “God Only Knows”. It’s a powerful back and forth combination that can best be described as “worship” in it’s truest, most honest, and broken manner. Find the song video as well as the movie trailer, below.

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