Have you heard of Sly’s Alter Ego?

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SAE was a fun short-lived ska/pop punk band from Oklahoma circa early to mid-2000s. Their music has even been referred to as “skip hop”! RIYL: Must Build Jacuzzi, Skamikaze, Honeylocust, They released an EP & a full length on the Thin King Entertainment label which also released music from Awaiting Isaac and Radial Angel. Their album Less Talky Talky, More Rocky Rocky is incredibly hard to track down. Every now and then it will be sold on Amazon. Finally got a hold of my copy a few weeks ago! The band’s songs consist of titles such as Hey, Look At You Yo, Rice Krispies and also a rocking cover of Kris Kross’s Jump!. Their Christian faith is shown in their liner covers as well as their song lyrics and interviews they had done. I was able to speak with Kyle Simmons (vocals & bass) six months ago and they had since changed their band name to Rockwell Social and play just pop punk currently. He hooked me up with some of their old demos also which was very cool. This is their song Whoa

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