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January 8, 2024

Song of the Day: 39 Stripes - Incredible

This band from Florida released a few CDs over the years. A few of their songs were on CCM radio, but this SOTD has always my fave. Our God is incredible no doubt. Sometimes it does not feel like He would love us at our worst, but yet He does. Praise be to him forever & always. This is the type of worship song I wish was on CCM radio currently.   Continued →

July 31, 2020

Song of the Day: the violet burning - Song of the Harlot

Many people nowadays have a love-hate relationship with worship music. It can sometimes be too simplistic, or based on shallow theology, yet believers have a real desire to connect with the Lord through music. The so-called Modern Worship movement has both helped and hindered this process. While it’s outside of our purposes here to give an overview of the practical, musical, and theological ramifications of modern worship music, let’s take a look at an early innovator. the violet burning (lower case intentional) started out as a hard-edged alternative rock band with both goth and post-punk tendencies.… Continued →