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March 29, 2023

Fallstar - Timebender & The Jet Engine (Official Music Video)

Fallstar has dropped 2 new songs in the past couple weeks and they rule. The latest song titled “Timebender & The Jet Engine” has a music video tied to it and once you watch it, the song becomes the video and vice versa. Go check it out below this message and watch some great Godzilla stomping metal(core) action. New album “Sacred Mirrors” out July 14th on Facedown Records.… Continued →

June 24, 2022

The Ongoing Concept, Fallstar, The Undertaking!, and Meadows Fall 2022 Tour

A very special Solid State Records / Facedown Records mashup, mixtape in the form of a tour is taking place this fall. The bands – The Ongoing Concept, Fallstar, The Undertaking!, and Meadows, will all be playing together for a few dates this fall. This will be the first time The Ongoing Concept is touring in over 6 years!. The Ongoing Concept, Fallstar, and The Undertaking! will all have new music out in 2023 via their respective labels. Check out the dates and tour graphic, below.… Continued →

May 23, 2021

January 20, 2021

Fallstar Drop Captivating and Extremely Catchy New Song

Fallstar dropped a really great new song back in mid December that this site over looked (sorry, blame Covid and the Holidays lol). It is an incredible representation of a band here to leave their unforgettable mark on the music scene with a catchy anthem sure to win over even the most skeptical fan. Check out the music video for “Waiting”, below. The new album “Sunbreather” is out February 12th through Facedown Records and is sure to be one of the finest Facedown Records of 2021.… Continued →

November 14, 2020

Fallstar Return With Intense and Personal New Song

Fallstar are back and with a new song in tow. Check out the track “SSRI Feel Better Already” below this post and give it a solid listen. The song will appear on the new album “Sunbreather”, out February 2021 through Facedown Records. I was an on/off Fallstar fan in the past probably due to my tastes at the time but this new song completely changes my entire outlook on the band and their job as musicians. This is solid and I mean that in the most sincere way.… Continued →

November 26, 2019

Facedown Records Welcomes Northlander

Facedown Records has signed the band Northlander to their already awesome roster. The band play a moody yet inspiring blend of emo and alt rock while maintaining their post-hardcore tendencies. This band featuring members of Fallstar are an enlightening listen from start to finish. Head over to digital networks to listen to their two new songs “Cliffs” and “Heavy Fruit”. Fans of Everything In Slow Motion, My Epic, DENS, Silverstein, Anberlin, and Saosin take note. “Forces of Light” is out December 6th via Facedown Records.… Continued →

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