Album Review :
Worthwhile - Carry on Kid

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Band: Worthwhile
Album: Carry on Kid
Label: InVogue Records
Release: 7.16.13
Reviewer: Brody

  1. Evergreen
  2. Homebuilder
  3. Melody, Save Me
  4. Full Hands, Empty Hearts
  5. Live For What Lasts
  6. 1937
  7. At Seapoint
  8. How Do I Look Up To A Man In The Ground?
  9. Vagrant
  10. Unlovable
  11. Messy Masterpiece

The hardcore scene in general has been a fairly dark place recently. Well known forerunners in the genre like Defeater, Counterparts, and Hundredth have each released amazing records this past year that I personally have been listening to non-stop. The only catch to these releases however, is the fact that lyrically, the subject matter is rather bleak in each record.

While to some, this may not be a hindrance, but to me I tend to get so absorbed into the music that the lyrics can at times take a toll on my emotions.

This is where Worthwhile comes in. They fit the general sound as all the bands previously mentioned, yet have a nearly unmatched joy that shines through their music.

Upon hearing James Teyler howl the opening the inspiring opening line, “Carry on kid!”, I knew this album would be something special – something that would take a different look on the hardcore scene.

Lyrically Homebuilder is different than any other hardcore song I’ve heard. The track has Teyler addressing a father in a way not usually found today choosing to praise the dad for all he has done for the family. Lyrics like, “Thanks for being Dad whose bags aren’t packed, waiting by the door / Looking for the perfect time to go, like I’ve seen in so many other homes.” and “I’m proud to be your boy. I love I bring you joy.” really hit home. Accompanied by subtle melodic leads and driving rhythm, Homebuilder is sure to put a smile on the listener’s face.

Melody, Save Me is another standout track that much like the title suggests, focuses a lot on melody. Much of the guitar is reverb laden which accentuates the leads nicely. Drummer, Luke Teyler makes a great performance as well, pummelling his kit with a variety of beats while his brother shouts, “Never could I tell you what music means to my life /It’s like trying to describe a sunrise.”

At Seapoint breaks the pacing of the album up a bit, choosing to take it’s time to build things up a bit rather than blasting full speed ahead as most of the other songs on the album. The track then bleeds into the soothing instrumental, How Do I Look Up To A Dead Man In The Ground?.

The last three tracks on the album are truly what makes the record shine I believe. Vagrant is one of my favorites, perfectly mixing beauty and hardness. The track absolutely rips for the first half before slowing down to ponder only to rise up again with such power it gives me goosebumps. Teylor also brings forth some of my favorite lyrics on the record, “Something keeps this tired heart going./ It’s in the darkest times, we find ourselves growing. / The mind’s the standard of the man. / I surround myself with those who remind me of who I am.”.

Unlovable sears it’s way into the listener’s eardrums with the fastest and heaviest beats on the whole record. If there is only one song to check out on the whole record this is the song I would suggest seeing as it packs a full punch and explores everything the band’s sound has to offer.

Messy Masterpiece ends the album nearly perfectly with worshipful and heartfelt lyrics that I’ll let speak for themselves:

“Son, you are my song. Let’s hear something beautiful.
As you look upon your messy masterpiece,
my heart beats one step ahead of my feet.
‘No guilt in life, no fear in death from life’s first cry to final breath.
No power of hell, no scheme of man can ever pluck me from my Father’s hand.’

Love of the Father is the only hope for a wayward son.
Blood and water paved the painful road home done.
Grace and mercy come with every single morning dawn.
This heavenly heartbeat is the only reason I can carry on.

Kid, see yourself through your Father’s eyes.
It’s not the same shade as the world cries.

I confess I don’t know much about love,
where it’s from is just so high above.
But until my time arrives, love is the reason I’m alive.
Son, you are my song. Let’s hear something beautiful.
As you look upon your messy masterpiece,
my heart beats one step ahead of my feet.”

The only real negative that I found with this release are that the band seem to still be looking for their signature sound to some extent. They do not quite stand on their own sound-wise and seem to borrow from other well known bands. This is something that will be remedied with time and experience.

Overall: Worthwhile have an extremely bright future ahead of them as they blaze their way into the hardcore scene with a positive outlook and a hopeful message. This band will be around for a long time and soon begin to blaze their own trail as they gain more experience.

RIYL: Defeater | Counterparts | Hundredth