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With Blood Comes Cleansing - Golgotha

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Band: With Blood Comes Cleansing
Title: Golgotha
Label: Blood & Ink Records
Release Date: 8/ /06
Review By: Josh IndieVision


01. An Introduction To Death
02. Golgotha
03. Mark Your Words
04. Fearless Before Opposition
05. Take Everything
06. My Help
07. Persecution
08. Bring Out Your Dead
09. Betrayed
10. Hypocrisy


Michael Sasser: Vocals
Jeremy Sims: Guitar
Spence Erickson: Drums
Scott Erickson: Guitar
Jon Stripling: Bass

With Blood Comes Cleansing is a fairly new group, but you wouldn’t know it from listening to their devastating debut. The band formed in 2005 and after adding Sasser to the vocal slot they quickly recorded a 6 song demo. Very soon after B&I took notice and signed the band. They haded into Planet Red Studios in Richmond, VA where recent albums from the Black Dahlia Murder, Spitfire, and Scarlet were recorded.

The band’s influences range from straight up death metal to elements of hardcore. The result of this mixture is a masterpiece of epic proportion. The drums simply pummel you into submission, backed by the low undertones of bass. The vocals are beyond intense and menacing. The guitars shred and wail throughout and become powerful and blistering during breakdowns.

The band wastes no time showing you what they’re about. “An Introduction To Death” jumps out like a horse being let loose from the gate. After a short guitar harmonized part, the pace is set then quickly broken for an ultra-deep breakdown. Slowed down, chugga chugga, pure metal breakdowns. The usual breakdowns get old after awhile and it’s nice to hear bands switch them up. “Mark Your Words” is delivered with speed. Quick, catchy fingerwork on the guitar over top of blasting drums and once again you see their European influences. “My Help” shows off harmonizing guitars quickly moving through the verse into yet another ground shaking breakdown. The guitarwork on this album is thorougly enjoyable and shows the maturity of the band’s writing abilities. “My Help” also releases a hardcore 2-step assault, for those who like to dance it up a bit. The rest of the album carries the torch well and the flame certainly never dies.

Standout Tracks: “Golgotha”, “Persecution”, “Betrayed”

Overall Rating: Yes I realize I gave this album a rating over 10/10 but I felt it necessary. The top metal release for me this year so far, hands down! That includes upcoming ones I’ve heard from Norma Jean, etc. It has everything you need in a good metal album and more. With Solid State’s signing of Becoming The Archetype and now Blood & Ink’s With Blood Comes Cleansing, real metal is making headway in the Christian realm. Hopefully this is a trend that will continue because there’s lots of talent bubbling just under the radar. (11/10)

Individual Ratings:

Album Art/Design: Discordant Art handled the work on this booklet. Clearly using the meaning of “Golgotha” which is the place of the skull for his inspiration the front cover is a mountain in which you can see a skull looming in the mountain scenery.

Lyrics: This band is continuing the great tradition of “spirit-filled” metalcore predecessors. Uncompromising and true, the lyrics are worthy of reading even if you cannot take the musical style. It’s encouraging to see band’s stand strong and live their faith, when so many water it down for popularity. Some topics include holding strong to your faith (“Persecution”), adoration of God (“Take Everything”), and the title track dealing with the place of Christ’s willing sacrifice (“Golgotha”). [All lyrics included]

Marketability: One of the top 3, if not the best release that Blood & Ink has ever had, this band has serious potential to move up the ladder in the metal world. Hopefully B&I does their part to get this band on some tours with bands like Darkest Hour and Black Dahlia Murder because they certainly would gain numerous fans from that exposure.

Production: Perfection! They were able to capture the bands intensity and it will surely bring devastation to your stereo! Turn it up and let your ears bleed!

Vocals: No pansy screamo vocals here! Michael’s vocals are some of the best I’ve ever heard. From his throaty screams, to gutteral lows, to pig squeals, he is a stand out among metal vocals. A tendency with a lot of metal groups is that they stick to one type of vocal throughout and it drags on. Thankfully that is not the case here.

Similar To: Becoming The Archetype, With Faith Or Flames, Deus Invictus

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