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The Working Title - About Face

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Band: The Working Title
Title: About Face
Label: Cause For Alarm (Universal)
Release: June 27th, 2006

01. About Face
02. Nothing Less Radiant
03. P.S.
04. Glorious
05. Under The Ground
06. The Crash
07. Something She Said
08. Weigh Me Down
09. Never Run Again
10. The Mary Getaway (I Lost Everything)
11. Blind
12. There Is None
13. Enslaved
14. Turbulence

Joel Hamilton – Vocals
Adam Pavao – Guitars
Chris Ginn – Bass
Ross Taylor – Drums

This South Carolina quartet formed in 2001 and have been making their mark ever since. Soon after forming the band released “Sincerity”, which was a completely independent album. After solidifying their approach and gaining momentum they band went back into the studio to record “Everyone Here Is Wrong” a seven song EP. After this release, the band continued to gain more exposure including play on MTV and nods from magazines like AP. This EP is still available from some websites if you’re interested. “About Face” takes 11 brand new tracks along with 3 revamped tracks from the EP (“The Mary Getaway”, “There Is None”, “Something She Said”).

The title track, “About Face”, a low end, driving track, hits first. Almost a Postal Service vibe to it, which is always a good thing. “Nothing Less Radiant” steps in next and brings along the vibe that remains prevalent throughout the rest of the album.

The bass line in “Glorious” is awesome. It really drives the track and brings it a bit of a dancy feel. The guitarist produced some funky licks about halfway through the song which impressed me. “Under The Ground” is definitely single material. It’s a more straightforward track, including a piano and a catchy chorus. I can definitely hear this on the radio and background for some of those “hit” MTV shows. They would do well to target those audiences.

“The Crash” is one of the “harder” rock tracks on the album. Again Joel brings a bit more of a raw vocal in this track. The guitar & vocal combo takes the attention in this track. “Weigh Me Down” remains my other choice for potential second single. Probably the most epic sounding song on the release. It begans really basic with a simple drum and piano. Then the bass and guitar kick in bring that sound that I’m now getting used to on from The Working Title. Once we get to the chorus the first time through the song really picks up and continues through out.

The first single from the effort, “The Mary Getaway”, comes up a significant way through the album at song #10. At first listen I was worried it was another acoustic band, so when the chorus finally hit I was pleased that it wasn’t true. Really a mellow track even during the much more driven course, it is clear why this was chosen to first represent this album. A chorus which is easy to catch on to and sing along with is a must and they captured that perfectly.


Album Art/Design:

Since I only received a slip cover the lyrics weren’t included. From what I gathered there is definitely an abundance of relationship driven stories throughout. I wont give a rating until I can read all of the lyrics.


The Working Title has the ability to gain support from fans of the many emo-ish groups out there today. Fans of labels such as The Militia Group, Tooth & Nail, and others should listen up. Along with those genres they definitely have radio accessibility. If they are smart they will tour heavily throughout the summer, following the release. I’m sure a video will be done, since they’re on a major, and continued exposure on MTV and other video outlets should do well to get this band the exposure they need to explode. They have the talent they just need to be heard.


The production on this album is stellar. Percussion and bass really stand out to me on this release. They lead many of the tracks. Too many times they take a back seat to the guitar and vocals but this album is mixed really well. The guitar parts are hard to describe. Adam doesn’t really seem to follow the typical chord patters. There’s a lot of finger work mixed in with the dancier tunes, bringing a jam band vibe.


Joel’s vocals are a bit less soothing than many of the bands they’d be lumped in with (IE, Copeland, Lovedrug) but I think that actually benefits them. Less polished but with range. Throughout the changes on the album you can feel the emotional seeping through.


A little more mellow than most of my listening choices but a really great cd nonetheless. It will be receiving many spins in my stereo for sure. The Working Title is a band to watch for in 2006. The band has toured so far this year with the ever popular Mute Math, Augustana, and Cartel. Continued tours like that combined with their acclaimed live show should bring big things in the coming year for The Working Title.

Standout Tracks:

“The Mary Getaway (I Lost Everything)”, “The Crash”, “Under The Ground”

Similar to: Mae, Copeland, Lovedrug

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