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The Glorious Unseen- "Tonight the Stars Speak"

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Band: The Glorious Unseen
Album: Tonight the Stars Speak
Record Label: Tooth and Nail Records/ BEC Recordings
Release Date: October 23, 2007
Reviewed by: Cory

Track List
1. Hear Our Prayers
2. Forever Holy
3. Meet Us Here
4. Tonight the Stars Speak
5. Wrapped Up in You
6. Oh Praise Him
7. Where Your Glory Dwells
8. Embracing the Call
9. Burn in Me
10. Close to Your Heart

I’ve probably waited for this album release for a good year and a half now. Ever since The Glorious Unseen was first introduced to us at IVM, I’ve been stoked for an album to come out. This album has been spinning in my laptop non-stop all day. And I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed at all. The music is flawless, Ben Crist’s voice is spectacular, and the lyrics are heartfelt.

I’m not usually into listening to praise music unless I’m at church, but this band makes anytime a perfect time to sit back and worship God. Ben Crist’s unique voice and the haunting guitar melodies create an atmosphere where you can get lost in the moment with God. The band makes good use of keyboards, bells, and cellos to build on their music. The background vocalist Christine Glass Byrd’s singing is like icing on the cake. Her voice adds to the atmosphere and sheer beauty of the songs she is featured in. The lyrics are a cry out to God for His love and mercy, and they underscore His glory.

The Glorious Unseen is a praise band for the independent music scene. Drawing influences from bands like As Cities Burns and even borrowing Cool Hand Luke’s Mark Nicks to play drums on a few songs. But despite how rooted they are in the underground scene, I can picture their songs being played at contemporary worship services all across America. The band manages to keep a reputation with independent music but is radio-friendly enough for youth groups to sing along with.

Standout tracks: Hear Our Prayers, Tonight the Stars Speak, Oh Praise Him (David Crowder cover song), and Close to Your Heart.

Rating: 9/10

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