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The Advocate - s/t EP

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Band: The Advocate
Title: s/t EP
Label: Unsigned
Release Date: 2010
Review By: Steve
Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Prideless
3. Josheph Russum
4. Banished
5. Ruin
6. Through and Through

I follow many bands on twitter, and most of the bands I follow give some shout outs to local bands they play with. I check out most of them because I like listening to new bands and try to give them what little exposure I can provide them. In most cases the bands I check out are not worth mentioning except this band that Before There Was Rosalyn tweeted about, The Advocate. They are a five-piece metalcore outfit out of Mississippi.

The Advocate does not really break any new ground in an oversaturated genre but they are extremely good at what they play. I hear a lot of For Today and MyChildren MyBride in their music but one could probably find other likenesses as well. These guys play hard and aggressive metalcore that is full of heavy breakdowns that are sure to please any metalcore fan. They will be releasing a self-titled EP on iTunes in the near future, and they were gracious enough to hook me up with an mp3 copy of the album. I liked it from the first spin.

Along with some above average musicianship, Daniel McWorter has a good growling voice that fits in nicely with the aggressive style of play. My favorite song on the EP was “Prideless” not only because of the speed and ferocity with which it is played but also because of the lyrical content. The lyrics speak about living a life without purpose and eventually turning back to the unfailing Grace of Christ.

“There was a time in my life
When I lost all faith in who I was and who you were
Fighting a war that cant be won
going against everything I’ve learned
Just living day by day as if they had no purpose

This has become my home
A hollowed shell of who I was and used to be
This is the hope that I’ve lost
For the good in me

Nothing to call my own
Nothing to get me through
Just living day by day as if I had no purpose
I don’t deserve any of this
I am unworthy of all your blessings

This is the hope that I’ve lost for the good in me

Prideless and torn I run to you
Take this Pain away, This pain that’s been my home
I am made whole in you, only in your undying love

Prideless and Torn”

Overall: The Advocate has put out an extremely solid EP. Any fan of metalcore should find this EP very appealing. The heavy and aggressive nature of the EP will get you up out of your seats and moving around. If you are a fan of For Today or MyChildren MyBride or metalcore in general you need to check these dudes out and give them your support.

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